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For more than 5 years, greenhouses around the world are happy
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Greenhouse Equipment Supply Services

Harvesso provides superior greenhouse equipment, designed and manufactured by visionary, professional and experienced Turkish and European companies.

Whether your order is hunderds of units or thousands, the true power and profitability of a product depend on its matching with greenhouse conditions and requirements.

We supply well-designed, tech-ready and latest greenhouse equipment faster and less expensive
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worldwide greenhouse trolleys supplier
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Greenhouse Trolleys

We offer greenhouse trolleys, which provide great convenience for planting seeds, fastening and stretching hanger wire pruning and harvesting products.
worldwide greenhouse disinfection equipment supplier
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Spraying Equipment

We offer spraying equipment which increase the quality of crop and help growers achieve significantly higher productivity in the greenhouse.
worldwide greenhouse accessories supplier
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Greenhouse Accessories

We supply greenhouse accessories (body clips, cluster supports, hooks and etc.), which help growers to create the best growing conditions.
worldwide greenhouse pruning shears supplier
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Pruning Shears

We deliver cost-competitive pruning shears in a certified quality, which ergonomically designed for gardening, floriculture, orcharding and grapery.
worldwide greenhouse agrotextile products supplier
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Harvesso has become preferred choice of greenhouses by supplying ground covers and insect nets over 5 years. Supplying agrotextile products gives an opportunity to increase crop yield and improve product quality.
worldwide greenhouse inside shading products supplier
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Inside Shading

Greenhouse shading nets enable growers to control light dispersion, bring forward flowering and ripening times, influence growing properties of plants such as leaf, color, branch, stem length, number of nodes, weight and size.
worldwide greenhouse polycarbonate supplier
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Polycarbonate Sheets

From designing to building, following the site assessment, we design and build the supporting structure, polycarbonate sheets, steel and polycarbonate profiles.
worldwide cocopeat growbag supplier
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Coco Peat

Harvesso Grow Bags are designed specially for greenhouse flower crop and vegetable production and are available in various sizes.
worldwide greenhouse plant pot supplier
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Greenhouse Pots

Harvesso offers flexible, durable and long-lasting solutions to growers who want to improve growing conditions for flowers which are the most elegant gifts of the nature.

Worldwide Greenhouse Equipment Supplier

The future of horticulture industry is maximum speed and productivity. Along with high level service and wide range of product portfolio, at Harvesso we are doing our best in order to adapt industry trends to our work.
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