Our Mission

We are dedicated towards the prosperity of agriculture market players by providing them the most appropriate equipment and products at reasonable price and high quality in order to guarantee food safety and sustainable development in the agriculture sector.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become global market player in supply of equipment and products to food growers and processors.

Harvesso provides B2B procurement solutions for agriculture industry

worldwide agriculture equipment supplier
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Bringing systemic change to agriculture industry

For more than 5 years, companies in Eastern Europe and CIS countires are happy to get service from Harvesso.
Product Service
Our professional service team provides maintenance service to supplied machineries and products.
Expert Consultation
Our agriculture professionals consult your needs and requirements, and offer the best solutions and products.

Our Products

Our experienced and professional team does its best in order to provide the best and latest products
for orchards, vineyards, flower farms, greenhouses and agriculture farms

Agriculture Blogs

At Harvesso, we believe continuous learning and sharing is the key to success.
That is why, we started to write about agriculture industry.

Everything You Need to Know About Blueberry

Blueberry Growing Guide: General Knowledge, Growing Methods and conditions, Varieties

Since the first crop of blueberries traveled from the farm to the table, these little blueberries help people live healthier and fuller lives......
ultimate guide to spraying methods for greenhouse

Three Basic Chemical Applications for Greenhouses

Do you want to buy spraying equipment, but you are not aware of which spraying machinery and technique is the best fit for your greenhouse?
Everything You Need to Know About Tuta Absoluta

Everything You Need to Know About Tuta Absoluta

Tuta absoluta or tomato miner moth is the most dangerous pest for tomatoes. This pest is found in both greenhouses and open fields .....

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